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Add ons and Specialty Products including Wall Art, Keepsake Box and Black and White Drawing are available. Please note that all services and products are subject to the 6% PA Sales Tax. For a full price list simply email me directly at or visit and complete my contact form.

Online Proofing - $150 DVD Slideshow - $100
Hard Drive - $850 Wedding Book - $1100

How would you like your photographs to exist?

4 hours - $2150 6 hours - $3050
8 hours - $3950 10 hours - $4850


hat are your moments worth? The photographs are the only thing you are left with after it is all over. How important are your memories and being able to share them with your future sons and daughters? Many years down the road you will look back on your life and if you had to pick one day that you would deem as the best day above all others would it not be your wedding day? Now try to put a price on those memories and emotions you get to relive through all your photographs.

Pricing Made Simple

How many hours of coverage do you need?